Friday, December 31, 2010

♣♠Just one Forbidden Touch♧♤ Sebastian Michaelis

You asked many classmates to pinch, slap, and poke and punch any vital part of your body where reality could finally slap you across the face as your principal announced that your current art teacher had resigned and that a new teacher will be working there from now on.

But wait, why let others harm you for such a vague announcement?

“You’ve got to be shittin’ me…”

Because, this new teacher was no ordinary goof or loser that faked a smile and faked praises for your stick figure drawings and simple swipes of a paintbrush ‘artwork’. No; this new teacher was straightforward, blunt—heartless, per say—and not afraid to make you sulk; even if it meant growing mushrooms in the corner…

“He smells like blooming rose petals, ne?”

…but wait, that’s not the reason why you were catching flies with a blank canvas standing before you. Again, no; this teacher was attractive, stylish, graceful, flawless and worst of all, the one who’d thumped your beating heart to your skull.

He had pale skin that glinted his cheek whenever he looked over his shoulder; perfect set of polish hair that parted in many ways attractive—especially the single strand that fell between his face, causing many swoons whenever he brushed it aside with a single digit—and last, but not least, his mysterious glances controlled by uniquely hued orbs hiding underneath blinking lashes that practically sniped an arrow through your forehead whenever he blinked your way.

And now, his stride was something else; such gallant steps towards you were like hearing the Hallelujah chorus.

“_____, is there a specific excuse for your canvas to be blank?”

Oh, the soft vocals behind that tongue of his specifically had you blankly staring as you slowly gazed up from the torture of daydreaming. It took several ‘double shot’ glances to believe he was actually directing a question to you. Alas! His body language of a single head tilt answered your mental question of desperation!

“U-uh—I didn’t understand…the lesson…?” you leeringly answered, scratching the back of your sweaty head, and let out a goofy giggle that would probably have you wanting to smash your head against the wall.

Sebastian pushed up those glasses, of which you assumed he didn’t need, and huffed a deep, hopeless sigh before bending to your level; taking your hand with the paintbrush, he danced the brush in many ways possible to create a perfect work of art in a matter of swipes.

“You’re creating imagination with space, texture, shape and…-

Oh dear God.

He was holding your hand, fingers between your knuckles as his palm pressed with the back of your hand, a manner that had you shivering with gasps as you made eye contact with his red-orange hues.

Now that, those eyes, is what I would yearn to sketch even if it takes me days…and then keep it under my pillow.

He stands erect now, crosses his arms over his chest. “Was that understandable, or do I have to repeat myself…?”

No, I was too busy staring at your lips you sexy mofo’.

“Uh…-huh…?” you nod with half parted lips and he returned a teasing smirk before stalking off to critique on someone else’s painting.

Ears drummed in anxiety from that damned organ.

“Whoah…I thought Michaelis-Sensei would slap you upside the head for not working. Lucky you ______-san!” the blonde sitting next to you, named Finny, chimed as he rubbed his cheek where Sebastian had used his glove to slap with for mistaking a circle with a square.

You giggled at his goofy smile. “I held my breath too.”

Lies. I summoned in on purpose~


The sound of the bell had never startled you the way it had now; even the paint on the holder had been knocked to the ground by a sudden jolt of your knee.


Sebastian halts his pen and gazes at the mess made on the (former) perfectly polished tile. “And I assume you’ll be accompanying me for an extra hour cleaning that up?”

You stared at him for a long moment, letting your classmates bump your shoulder as they exited the room—some mouthing ‘good luck’ and some girls glaring for your strike of luck—and at the corner of your lips, an invisible Cheshire grin spread while an apologetic smile coated it.

You slightly bent at the waist for a respectful bow and hands hugged together in honesty.

“Yes, Seb-I mean Michaelis-Sensei.”

Sebastian stares at your form for a moment before standing to pace forwards, slowly taking his glasses off and cups the tip of your chin to lock [E/C] eyes with deviant orbs that complimented the smirk on his lips that foreshadowed lust.

Because it was understandable by Sebastian that mistakes are only normal to human beings.


  1. ^^ i love the idea of sebastian as MY TEACHER

  2. Frankly I hate the whole forbidden student-teacher love thing.....but......DAMN THE THINGS I WOULD DO TO THAT MAN!

  3. Dear god, I'd have a heart attack if he touched me at all!

  4. so.... basically... If Sebastian were to kiss me... i would Just FAINT.
    I am deeply in love with that man, I WISH HE WAS REAL.