Tuesday, January 19, 2010

♥Midnight Fire♥ (Sasuke Oneshot for lipgloss247)►LEMON◄

It was a beautiful summer afternoon in Konoha; the sun was shining and you were shopping with your two best friends, Temariand Ino.

"Hey! Can we go in this shop?", asked Ino.

You and Temari looked at the store, it had cute enough clothes so you agreed. Once inside, Ino went wild: she started rummaging through every clothing rack; throwing the clothes every which way in the process.

Temari had decided to go look at the bracelets while you were browsing through the jeans. It was nearly impossible to find a decent pair of pants to fit your hourglass figure.

Out of nowhere a shining light from the heavens was shone on the current pair of jeans you were looking at. Maybe these could be the ones? You where about to go to the dressing room when an unknown force yanked the jeans from your grip. You turned around and saw the one and only Karin.

"What the fuck?!", you said loudly.

"What? Its clear that these would look much better on me, besides, it's not like you could get your fat cow ass past the first leg anyhow...", said Karin as she yanked the jeans from you and headed towrad the dressing room,

"now if you'll excuse me Im going to try on MY jeans."

"Like hell you will!!", you said. You ran up behind her, grabbed a handful of her hair, and threw her back against towards the jewlery display.

Karin slammed into a lady but instead of apologizing, Karin shoved you straight into the rack with the bras, but you endedup tripping over a stroller and in doing so, flung the baby inside straight through the open shop door, into someone's ramen.

As you were getting up, you took a hanger into your hand. "...give me..my....jeans", you said softly.A heavy hand was placed on your shoulder"Excuse miss bu-"

"..give me..MY JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O", you swiftly turned around and started hacking at the store managers face, thinking that it was Karin of course.

"AAAAAAH!!! GET OFF ME YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!!", screamed the manager in terror.

Realizing too late that the person you were attacking was not the person you were aiming for, you quickly put down your weapon and looked at all of the horrified faces in the store.

~**10 miserable minutes later**~

"AND STAY OUT!!!!!"You, Temari, and Ino were thrown out into the street onto your bums.

"Well that sucked" Said Temari

"Ya, Varunee why did you have to go and get us kicked out like that? I was about to buy a cute pair of shoes!", an irritated Ino said.

"Im sorry! But that bitch took my jeans...", you said getting up rubbing your bottom.

"Well I dont know what your complaining about, you got your damn jeans!", Ino blurted

"Hey I know what can cheer us up! Lets go get some KFC!", piped up Temari.

"YA!" , Ino and you said.

~**At KFC**~

"I'm sorry madam, but for the last time, we are OUT OF COLESLAW!!!"

"What the hell kind of chicken place RUNS OUT OF FUCKIN' COLESLAW!!??"You and Temari were observing the fight between Ino and the pimply cashier when your attention was diverted when a group of young men.

A blue man with stiff hair and floppy gills, and older man with digustingly huge eye bags, and a younger boy of about 17 with glossy blue-black hair and dark eyes.

For a moment, both of your eyes locked, and you could have sworn that for that moment you could feel an electricity pulsing through your veins.But then he looked away and the feeling was gone.


"Well chow down guys, unfortunately it wont be so good since there's no coleslaw", Ino said, throwing a steely sideways glance at the cashier. He took no notice.

"Alright! This looks awesome! Doesn't this look awesome Varunee? I think this looks awesome!", said Temari.

"Mmmmph!", you nod your head in agreement as you continue eating your fourth piece of chicken.

"Jeez Varunee, slow it down will ya? If you eat too much, you'll blowup like a balloon and your victory over those pants will be for nothing!", Ino chastised.

"Meh, Im gonna get some more soda. Do you guys need anything while Im up?", you asked

"Ya, bring us some napkins", said Temari

"And go see if they have coleslaw yet...", added Ino

"Ok"You got up from your seat and stole the napkin dispenser from a nearby table then headed for the soda machine. You looked at the selections and decided on Cherry Coke.

"Mmmmmm...."You turned around and saw that Sasuke was standing only a few feet away. You just looked at him with confusion.

"Im sorry but I couldnt help but notice that you got Cherry Coke. Thats my favorite", as he said this he flashed you a flirty grin.

"Ya, its mine too."He got closer , making the air between the two of you hot.

"Do you think I could have a sip?", he said with a seductive tone.

"No", you said over your shoulder,"if you want some you can scrounge up $2.37 and get your own!"

"Mmmmmm, I like them fiery"You sat down at your table and the three of you stayed at KFC until about 9:30 at night.

So did Sasuke's group."Man Im beat! I'd better get home!", said Temari

"Ya same here", Ino chimed in

"Ok, Im gonna stay here for a little while", you said (The real reason you wanted to stay was because you wanted to see if you could find a way to steal the KFCsecret formula),

"I'll see you guys tomorrow then!"As they left, you made your way to the back of the establishment. If they had any leftovers you could easily snatch them undetected. You were bent towards the ground, almost every part of your body was unnoticeable. Every part except your huge ass.


You turned and saw that it was Sasuke again. You didnt know why but there was some sort of electric reaction going on inside of you everytime your eyes met with his. It turned you on.

"Um, hey", you said nervously,"what are you doing here?"

"I should ask you the same thing, but I wont, instead I'd rather compliment you"

"Compliment me?"

"Yes, may I say that your ass looks good in them jeans. I mean, dayum girl."You were shocked by this, but pleased all the same.

"Well your pretty fine yourself, but I bet you get that a lot dont you?"

"Actually no. I dont usually talk to girls like this. Hey, its cold, do you wanna take this conversation inside my car?"

"Well..", you say unconvinced until you saw the only car in the parking lot; it was a Bentley," alright!", He gently took your hand and opened up the passenger door for you. He slides in on the other side and locks the doors.

You look at him with question in your eyes. "Who knows what kind of Yahoos walk around at this hour, better safe than sorry right?"You nodd your head. Boy this is awkwardSuddenly youfeel a steady stream of heat on your body,and turn to look atSasuke.

"I decided to turn on the heat. You know, since its so cold an all.", he said as he turned on fitting music.

"You know, even though I just met you today, everytime I look at you I feel like Ive known you from somewhere.",you said with a smirk

"Really? I feel the same way",he said as he looked deeply into your eyes. He started closing the small amount of distance between you two and before you knewit, there was only a thin amount of space betweenboth of your lips.

"Saskue I-"

"Shhhh," he cooed as he crushed his lips into yours. He pulled back for a second but you yanked him on top of you. You didnt know how, but suddenly you both were only half dressed. He held your arms down, and breathing heavily he began kissing every inch of your body; starting with your lips and traveling down towards your neck.

You could feel your fingers twist in his hair and your legs tightened around his waist. Slowly he began to undo your bra, and you started unzipping his jeans. You both were then nude, bodies moving as one. He cupped your breast in his hand, it was cool in comparison to your body temperature.

He began sucking the crook of your neck, a strange sensation that left your skin feeling moist and numb. Without warning he thrust his pelvis into yours and began to drill, it hurt at first but once he found his rythm it felt like magic. It was as if you were being handled by a mighty great ocean, back and forth, back and forth, in and out, in and out, up and down, up and down.

*Tap! ,Tap!*

You both looked up startled, gasping for air still."License and registration!" a fat cop blurted from the outside.

"Shit", said Sasuke as he rolled down your window

"can I help you officer?" he said in an annoyed tone."

Ya you can help but coming out with your hands up, theres a warrant out for your arrest Sasuke Uchiha! And on top of that I'm giving you botha ticket for making love in a public setting!" the cop spat at him.

"Wait what the-!", you shouted as you were forcefully removed from the vehicle, still naked O_O

"Its ok, I get a free phone call! And you can visit me on weekends!" Sasuke yelled before he got shoved in the cop's car.

"Alright thats enough out of you Uchiha!", the officer said as he slapped on Sasuke's cuffs and shoved him in the cop car.

"D-Do you need a ride home miss?", another officer asked while he stuttered

"Yes please, but first I will need a garbage bag", you said, not sure of what just happened.

"Whatever", you thought on the way home, rubbing the spot on your neck where he kissed "it was all worth it".


  1. this was......hilarious! lol, sasuke got arrested. Why did he get arrested? was the car stolen or was it because of the whole sneaking into the back of the KFC thing? I hope you don't mind me asking but do you think you could write me a kakashi oneshot? if you do just send me a message on quizilla. like i said in an earlier comment, im kyoslover1993.

  2. ok the ending was HILLARIOUS! so random....anyway could you write me a Naruto U. lemon oneshot? I'm on quizilla as musicrocksmyworld1618 just message me if you can :)

  3. :3 Loved it. ?? Why's there a tear in my eye?

  4. Lol, that's really good, I like the cherry-coke conversation^^

  5. lol sasuke ' I like ur ass'

    Cherry coke, hmmm. . . ;)